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Khon Kaen is one of the four major cities of Isan, Thailand; and is also known as the “big four of Isan”. Historically, Khon Kaen is quite a new town, established a little over two centuries ago during the reign of King Rama I.  Khon Kaen has been one of the fastest-growing areas in Thailand. The Thai government nominated Khon Kaen as the export center for trade throughout the Indo-China Region and both Laos and Vietnam have consulates in Khon Kaen to process visa applications. Khon Kaen also contains the largest university in the northeast, Khon Kaen University, a major centre of education and technology. A popular way to travel to Khon Kaen is by bus because train and flight tickets are more expensive. Taking the bus to Khon Kaen is more comfortable and the price is more affordable.


There are three bus terminals in Khon Kaen:

  1. Khon Kaen Bus Terminal 1 (Central Khon Kaen Bus Station)
    Also known as Baw Khaw Saw 1 and has been closed on 1 December 2017.
  2. Khon Kaen Bus Terminal 2 (Air conditioned bus terminal)
    Also known as the air-conditioned bus station which is the most central and convenient terminal in Khon Kaen but has been replaced by the Khon Kaen Bus Terminal 3. Now they only provide minivans that depart from here and will take you to places such as Udon Thani and Khorat.
  3. Khon Kaen Bus Terminal 3 (Khon Kaen Provincial Transport Station)
    The Khon Kaen Bus Terminal is also known as Baw Khaw Saw 3 which is the most modern and much less busy because it is 8 kilometres from the city centre. 

Khon Kaen Bus Terminal3 is one of two bus stations in Khon Kaen. Khon Kaen Bus Terminal is the station to go to or a long distance direct bus service to destinations such as Bangkok to Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai to Khon Kean. Direct bus services from Khon Kaen to Vientiane in Laos also depart from Khon Kaen Bus Terminal.

  • Bangkok to Khon Kaen
    Khon Kaen is situated about 450 kilometres north-northeast of Bangkok. The bus fare from Bangkok to Khon Kaen ranges from THB313 – THB487 depending on the coach type. The bus from Bangkok to Khon Kaen timetable is such that the first bus will leave Bangkok to Khon Kaen at 6.10AM and the last bus will leave at 10.35PM. In between, there are numbers of other schedules which provide departure flexibility for passengers.
  • Chiang Mai to Khon Kaen
    Bus from Chiang Mai to Khon Kaen is one of the popular bus routes in Chiang Mai.
    The bus fare from Chiang Mai to Khon Kaen ranges from THB527 – THB820 depending on the coach type. The duration for a bus from Chiang Mai to Khon Kaen is about 10 to 11 hours with a travelling distance of 650km. The bus from Chiang Mai to Khon Kaen will depart from Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Terminal and will arrive at Khon Kaen Bus Terminal.


The address of Khon Kaen Bus Terminal is Mueang Kao Sub-district, Mueang Khon Kaen District, Khon Kaen 40000, Thailand. The location of Khon Kaen Bus Terminal is:



Passengers can take a Tuk Tuk or taxi to get to Khon Kaen Provincial Transport Station. All the long distance buses depart from here, and there are also minivans that will go to nearer destinations.The cheapest and most comfortable way to travel between Khon Kaen Bus Terminal and Khon Kaen City Centre is by meter taxi. On the meter the journey will cost you 80 to 90 THB depending on your precise destination and the amount of traffic.


Khon Kaen Bus Terminal 3 has A Family Mart convenience store on site, and 7-Eleven convenience store on the road opposite the entrance to the bus station. Plenty of covered open air seating near the bus platforms and large food court inside of the passengers terminals.

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