I do not have a printer. Is it a must to take the printout of the ticket?

Printed e-confirmation is optional, as long as you can provide the booking reference number. However, for some bus companies, it is compulsory to print out the e-confirmation of the booking. Kindly refer to the notes during your booking, and the notes written in the e-confirmation email. You also need to present your ID or the booking reference number to get the boarding pass.

I have lost my e-confirmation, can I collect my ticket without e-confirmation?

You may email to us and our customer service team will email you the e-confirmation within 24 hours. Alternatively, for some bus companies ONLY, if you are the person who bought the ticket, kindly show the counter staff your registered passport number / telephone / Identity Card. The counter will issue the ticket to you.

What is the contact number of the express bus counter?

Please refer to this link.

How long will bus operators open their schedule in advance?

Normally, express bus companies will open their schedule 1 month in advance.

Payment and Refund

What payment options do you accept?

For Thai Baht transaction, we accept:
1. PayPal

For US Dollar transaction, we accept:
1. Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)
2. PayPal

I don’t have a PayPal account, how can I use my credit card to make payment in PayPal?

Please click here to see how you can made payment in PayPal using your credit card.

Does the owner of the credit card, with which the ticket is purchased, need to be one of the passengers?

No. A passenger can use any card to pay for the ticket, not necessarily his/her own. However, please note that the passenger, whose name the ticket(s) is/are booked under, should carry a proof of his identity (along with the ticket(s)) at the time of boarding the bus. The card holder will be deemed to have agreed to pay for the booking for this passenger.

Is there any transaction fee?

Yes, we do charge a minimal transaction fee to cover maintenance and administration costs. The fees are 5%.

My website hang while trying to process payment, how do I know whether my payment is successful?

Kindly email to us to highlight this issue immediately. We will check and respond to you within 24 hours.

Manage Booking

I have made my payment, but I did not get any confirmation/e-receipt from BusOnlineTicket.co.th

Kindly check your junk mail or spam folder for the confirmation/e-receipt. If there is no e-receipt received, kindly email to us. Our customer service team will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your email.

Do I need to register as a member, in order to make booking in BusOnlineTicket.co.th?

BusOnlineTicket.co.th offers a unique flexibility in terms of user registration. You are not required to register to buy tickets online. However, frequent passengers are encouraged to register with us to benefit from BusOnlineTicket.co.th. You will receive BOT Mile reward points, etc.

Can I change my booking departure date / time?

All confirmed bookings are final and cannot be cancelled or changed. However, due to the different policies of bus operators, you can send an email to us to raise your request, at least 7 days before the scheduled departure time. Please take note that request for change is subject to the approval of the respective bus companies, in accordance to their Terms & Conditions.

I have found that I made the same booking twice. Will there be any refund?

Yes, we will refund to you if you made the same booking twice. However, you must email us with the booking details, within 1 hour after your booking has been made. Refunds will be made on a case-by-case basis, subject to the discretion of BusOnlineTicket.co.th. Terms and conditions apply.

Is there any child tickets?

Sorry, there is no child ticket available.

Do I need to buy ticket for my child?

Children below 2 years old do not require a ticket. However, you are advised to buy a ticket for your child for safety reasons.

Is my ticket transferable?

Yes, you just need to print out the e-confirmation, and anyone with the e-confirmation can collect your ticket from the counter.

Technical Problem

What is the best resolution to view your website?

BusOnlineTicket.co.th is best viewed with Internet Explorer 9.0 and above, at a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.

Is there any mobile-friendly website or mobile apps?

Yes, we have a mobile-friendly website for you to make the booking. Just visit our website from your smartphone, it will redirect you to the mobile site. Alternatively, you may download the BusOnlineTicket mobile app if you are using Apple or Android platform phone:

For iPhone/iPad users, please click here.

For Android users, please click here.

Note: The info above are subjected to changes from time to time.