Bangkok to Hat Yai Bus Tickets

Estimated Trip Duration is 13.5 hour(s)
To go to Sai Tai Mai from Victory Monument, please note that you can take local bus preferably Line 515 or 28 because they have less stops compared to other bus line.

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Bangkok to Hat Yai Bus Guide

Bus from Bangkok to Hat Yai

Bus from Bangkok to Hat Yai is one of the important long distance bus service in Southern Bangkok Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai). Many locals travel from Bangkok and Hat Yai for work and some adventurous backpacker travel to Hat Yai with the plan to cross border to Malaysia.

Travel to Hat Yai from Bangkok by Bus

Train is an alternative option from Bangkok to Hat Yai. However, air conditioning berth type train ticket is more expensive than bus ticket. Budget non-air conditioning seat type is less comfortable than bus. As a result, many locals prefer to take bus from Bangkok to Hat Yai because of the relatively cheaper fare and comfortable journey.

Operators who Provides Bus from Bangkok to Hat Yai

Siam Dernrod and Piya Rungrueng Tour are the two licenced bus operators providing bus from Bangkok to Hat Yai. Their combined trips have total 18 departures from Southern Bangkok Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai). Kindly note that departures are only in the morning and evening due to operational constraint. There is no departure service in the afternoon.

Bus Fare, Duration and Arrival Point in Hat Yai

Bangkok to Hat Yai bus fare is ranging from THB707-THB1100, depending on coach type. Both operators provide all three coach types, namely P1, VIP32 and VIP24. Generally better class of coach comes with higher bus fare because of more spacious seat and bigger leg room provided.

The duration from Bangkok to Hat Yai takes about 13 hours depending on traffic condition. Passengers are advised to book either VIP32 or VIP24 coach ticket for better comfort, considering the long distance journey. The arrival point in Hat Yai is at Hat Yai Bus Terminal, located 10-minute driving distance from town centre.