Bangkok to Loei Bus Tickets

Estimated Trip Duration is 10.0 hour(s)
Note: If you are taking bus from Morchit Bus Terminal, please note that you can go to the departure point via MRT, BTS Skytrain, city buses and taxi.

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Bangkok to Loei Bus Guide

Bus from Bangkok to Loei

Bus from Bangkok to Loei is an important budget transport connecting to Loei. Many backpackers takes bus from Bangkok to Loei before crossing the border to Laos and end their destination at Luang Prabang Laos.

Bus from Loei to Luang Prabang travels an approximate distance of about 240 miles and takes around nine hours. The bus fare costs about USD 25 for 1 way journey from Loei to Luang Prabang.

Travel Economically from Bangkok to Loei by Bus

There is no train service from Bangkok to Loei. Hence, traveling from Bangkok to Loei by bus is the most budget transport because flight ticket is usually expensive. Budget bus fare and cost saving in accommodation by taking overnight bus make bus as backpacker preferred choice to go from Bangkok to Loei.

Operators, Duration and Bus Fare

Sun Bus and Phu Kradueng Tour are the two bus operators serving the bus from Bangkok to Loei. Phu Kradueng Tour is the dominant player for this service route because they provide many trips daily from Bangkok to Loei.

The departure point in Bangkok is from Bangkok Morchit Bus Terminal. The coach would arrive at Loei Bus Station After about 8-9 hours overnight journey. Those travellers who are going to Luang Prabang Laos, they may catch the cross border bus service provided by Naluang. As for those spending their holiday in Loei, they may take songthaew in bus station to their hotel in town.

The bus ticket from Bangkok to Loei is reasonably charged in the range of THB400 to THB670. Sun Bus offers spacious 3-seat-in-a-row VIP bus where passengers can have more comfortable journey to Loei from Bangkok. Phu Kradueng Tour offers standard 4-seat-in-a-row bus which cost lesser. The bus fare for VIP bus is generally higher but the money is justified with the additional comfort provided.