Hua Hin Beach

Before reaching Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport from Singapore Changi Airport, we made a crazy decision to travel to Hua Hin instead of staying in Bangkok. After we made up our mind to travel to Hua Hin, we started to compare different transportation options such as bus, train, and flight.

After a thoughtful consideration, we decided to travel from Bangkok to Hua Hin by bus due to the convenient pick-up point of Bell Travel in the airport.

Here is the summary of our journey:

1. Book bus tickets and check-in at Roong Reuang Coach Co.,Ltd counter
2. Board the bus
3. Condition of the bus
4. Drop-off at Cha-am Bus Stop
5. Arrival in RRC Bus Station

Book bus tickets and check-in at Roong Reuang Coach Co.,Ltd counter

Before reaching Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, we booked our bus ticket from Bangkok to Hua Hin via with Bell Travel. One hour before the scheduled departure time, we went to Roong Reuang Coach Co.,Ltd counter, which is managed by Bell Travel, to check-in our bus tickets from Bangkok to Hua Hin. The check-in counter is located conveniently at Suvarnabhumi Airport Level 1, Gate 8.

Location of Bell Travel (Roong Reuang) Counter

Roong Reuang Coach Ticket Counter

After we checked-in our bus ticket, one of the staff came to us and helped us to attach a strip to our luggage to prevent any confusion. Please take note that extra, oversized, and excess weight of baggage is subject to extra fee.

Lugagge Policy

Luggage Tags


Board the bus

When the bus arrived, there was an announcement from the counter. In order to take the bus, we had to walk to the bus platform outside the entrance of Gate 8 in Suvarnabhumi Airport. The walking distance is about 5 minutes.

When we reached the bus platform, we handed over our luggage to the bus driver for him to load our luggage on-board. Before we depart to Hua Hin from Bangkok, we had to present our bus tickets to the staff for checking purpose. Please note that the passengers need to inform the staff about your drop-off point, either at bus stop in front of Bangkok Bank at Cha-am intersection or Hua Hin (RRC bus station).

Bus Platform at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok to Hua Hin by Bus with Roong Reuang Coach


Bangkok to Hua Hin by Bus

Bus from Bangkok to Hua Hin is operated by Roong Reung Coach, under Bell Travel. The bus was a single-decker bus. The interior of the bus was spacious and comfortable with air-conditioners, curtains, reclining seats, television, and toilet facilities. Before departure, the staff distributed a bottle of free drinking water to all passengers.

Roong Reuang Coach Interior View

Seats in the Roong Reuang Coach

Roong Reuang Coach Toilet On-board

Roong Reuang Coach Toilet Condition

Drinking Water


Drop-off at Cha-am Bus Stop

After about 3 hours of driving, the bus stopped at Cha-am bus stop, which was located in front of Bangkok Bank at Cha-am intersection to drop-off passengers. The bus stopped at this bus stop for around 5 minutes before we continued our journey to Hua Hin.

Cha-am Bus Station


Arrival in RRC Bus Station

The bus journey from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport took us about 3.2 hours to arrive at RRC Bus Station, same location as the Bell Travel office in Hua Hin. After that, we took their shuttle van service to our hotel in Hua Hin. Please note that Bell Travel has shuttle van service to drop you off at your hotel for 100 baht/seat or Clock Tower for free.

➜ RRC Bus Station

RRC Bus Station in Hua Hin

Bell Travel Bus Station

➜ Bell Travel shuttle van

Bell Travel Counter

Bell Travel Shuttle Van

We went to Hua Hin Beach, Chatsila Hua Hin Night Market, Hua Hin Railway Station, and Jek Piah Day Market during our stay in Hua Hin. Going to Hua Hin was a brilliant idea and we had a lot of fun visiting places and meeting the locals. If you plan to visit Thailand, Hua Hin should definitely be on your list!

Sunset at Hua Hin Beach

Chatsila Hua Hin Night Market

Hua Hin Railway Station

Jek Piah Day Market

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