From Ranong to Koh Phayam with Surathat Speedboats

Surathat Speedboats offers service from Ranong to Koh Phayam with price from 350THB

Planning to go to Koh Phayam and searching for the transportation service? Surathat Speedboats has joined and providing speedboat service from Ranong to Koh Phayam and from Koh Phayam to Ranong. Therefore, you can now easily book your speedboat tickets online in advance from our site.

Koh Phayam→a big island on the Andaman Sea, is located close to the Ranong province. It is a must-go tourist spot especially for the travellers and backpackers from all around the world. Despite the size, the island has a relaxing and tranquil environment. Fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and jungle trekking are some of the interesting activities you can do in Koh Phayam. Koh Phayam nature is still untouched, thus gives it a unique beauty quality and makes it different from other famous beaches in Thailand.

Locals and tourist prefer to take the speedboat service by Surathat Speedboats to get to Koh Phayam. This is due to the experienced, safe and reliable service that they provide. On top of that, taking a speedboat will save you around an hour journey compared to a normal boat. The speedboat can take up to 28 passengers. They also provide life jackets to all passengers.

Surathat Speedboats only cost you 350THB per trip. If you want, you can use the pickup service at Ranong Bus Terminal or Choke Anan Tour office to the pier. For this, you have to pay an additional charge of 100 THB. You can also book the convenient pickup service together with the speedboat service from our site. For Ranong to Koh Phayam trip, the speedboat will depart from Ranong pier and drop you off at Koh Phayam pier. From there, you can start exploring the unique, hidden beauty of Thailand that is Koh Phayam.

Book your Ranong to Koh Phayam speedboat tickets in advance with today!