Train from Sisaket to Ayutthaya
The Sisaket to Ayutthaya train route is one of the popular train routes as both places are well-known for their historical sites and beautiful nature. Apart from the affordable ticket price, the Sisaket to Ayutthaya train trip is also enjoyable.

Sisaket to Ayutthaya train is highly requested every year as Ayutthaya is an important historical city in Thailand. This famous place have attractions such as the Ayutthaya Historical Park, The Royal Palace and Chao Sam Phraya National Museum. Tourists who love to learn about the culture and history of Thailand will go to Ayutthaya after visiting Sisaket.

Train Schedule, Train Ticket Type and Train Ticket Price

There are many trains and departures for Sisaket to Ayutthaya train route. The earliest train will depart at 6:24 AM, while the last train will depart at 9:24 PM. Passengers can choose from several train classes namely Special Express train, Express train and Rapid train. The ticket price range is from THB 217 until THB 1,424.

Below is the Sisaket to Ayutthaya train schedule that are available for online booking at

Time Train No Train Type Ticket Type Price (THB)
Est: Arrival: 13:16
72 Express 2nd Class AC Seat 427
3rd Class Fan Seat 257
Est: Arrival: 16:36
136 Rapid 2nd Class Fan Seat 317
3rd Class Fan Seat 217
Est: Arrival: 19:24
146 Rapid 2nd Class Fan Seat 317
3rd Class Fan Seat 217
Est: Arrival: 21:41
22 Special Express 2nd Class AC Seat 527
Est: Arrival: 3:12
142 Rapid 2nd Class Fan Seat 317
3rd Class Fan Seat 217
Est: Arrival: 3:41
24 Special Express 1st Class AC Sleeper 1,424
2nd Class AC Sleeper 937
Est: Arrival: 4:57
68 Express 1st Class AC Sleeper 1,194
2nd Class AC Sleeper 707
3rd Class Fan Seat 257
Est: Arrival: 5:30
140 Rapid 2nd Class AC Sleeper 667
2nd Class Fan Seat 317
3rd Class Fan Seat 217

* Time and fares might change depending on the season, subject to the operator
** AC = Air Conditioned


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Trip Distance & Duration

The distance between Sisaket and Ayutthaya is approximately 490 km. Every type of train have different speed, hence the duration varies depending on the type of train that you choose. The estimated trip duration is around 6 to 9 hours.

Departure Point – Sisaket Railway Station

Sisaket to Ayutthaya train will pick up the passengers at Sisaket Railway Station. It is a first class train station in the small city of Sisaket. Sisaket Railway Station is a busy station that lies on the North Eastern line.

Sisaket Railway Station is located in Mueang Nuea Sub District in Sisaket city. You can find the facilities such as waiting area, toilet and ticket counters. To get to Sisaket Railway Station, you can take samlors, taxi, motorbike taxi and bus.

Arrival Point – Ayutthaya Railway Station

The train for Sisaket to Ayutthaya route will drop off its passengers at Ayutthaya Railway Station. Currently, the train station still uses its original structure since it was built in 1921. Ayutthaya Railway Station is Thailand’s oldest and most attractive train station.

Ayutthaya Railway Station is located at Ho Rattanachai, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District. There are complete facilities such as ticket counters, waiting area and minimarts. To go to your next destination, you can find tuk-tuk or rental bicycle at Ayutthaya Railway Station.


There are many amenities when you get into Sisaket to Ayutthaya train. Especially for the passengers that take the sleeper train, the staffs will provide pillow and blanket for each passengers. The staffs will help you to convert your seat to bed and you can lay or sleep before you reach Ayutthaya. Furthermore, you can buy drinks and foods at the canteen coach. The toilets are clean to ensure the passengers are comfortable while on-board.


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