SRT Train Surat Thani to Padang Besar

Great Experience by Taking SRT Train from Surat Thani to Padang Besar

I had been planning to have a short trip for the past few weeks. After reading the travel guides from the Internet, I learnt that Padang Besar is a popular place of interest for local Thai people in Hat Yai and other neighbouring provinces. Therefore, I wanted to explore the beauty of this place by ourselves.

After comparing different transportation options, I decided to take the train from Surat Thani to Padang Besar. The train from Surat Thani to Padang Besar would take longer time to reach Padang Besar compared to taking a flight. However, flight ticket was more expensive than train.

I booked the ticket for train from Surat Thani to Padang Besar online from a reliable booking portal Booking from has made my life easier!

Going to the Surat Thani Train Station

The SRT train departure point in Surat Thani is in Surat Thani Train Station. Passengers are advised to arrive at the station 30 minutes before the departure time. Once I reached Surat Thani Train Station, I went to the ticket counter to check-in.

Ticket counters
SRT train ticket

The type of the train service that I bought was train type Second Class Sleeper Air Conditioned train. The adult ticket price for this train service from Surat Thani to Padang Besar was not as expensive as I thought. Please note that the coach and the seat number were assigned on the ticket. Passengers do not have to exchange their e-ticket to a hard copy of the ticket. Therefore, I could directly board the train with my printed ticket.

By referring to my ticket, it stated the time for the gate to open was 2.03 AM. Since I still have some time left, I went to grab some light breakfast before I started my journey.

Information Counter

The information counter was also located in the main building of Surat Thani Train Station. This counter was used to provide useful tourist information for everyone. Maps and brochures were available upon request as well.

Information counter
Information counter

ATM Machine and Public Telephone

There were several ATM machines near the ticket counters and all around inside the train station. This was extremely convenient as most of the different banks’ ATM machine were available within the area.

ATM Machine
Transport map

Facilities in Surat Thani Train Station

Surat Thani Train Station offered many choices for food and there were convenience stores as well. If you still have time to spare, you can walk around the building before your departure time. ATM machines are installed in the building if you run out of money.

In addition, there were no entry charges for toilet. In the station, prayer rooms were provided for the convenience of the Muslims.

Waiting area

Waiting area in the station was equipped with air-conditioner. Even though there were a lot of seats available in the waiting areas, however, sometimes there might not be enough seats for all the passengers in the station.

Waiting area
Waiting area


The restroom in Surat Thani Train Station was very clean.


Taxis and other local transport

For travellers who arrive at or depart from Surat Thani Train Station, there were taxis readily to service nearby this station. Alternative local transport options also include red bus, taxi, motorbike and van service at varying prices and levels of comfort.

Local bus
Motorbike taxi
Van transport

SRT Train Platform in Surat Thani Train Station

The train platform were labelled with the coach number of the train to make sure the passengers wait in front of their platform accordingly. My seat was assigned in coach 3.

Please note that the passengers can get the information for the train arrival status from the white board at the platform.
Finally, the train to Padang Besar arrived on-time and I boarded the train without any problem as well.

Outside view
Train platform

SRT Train from Surat Thani to Padang Besar

Finding the seat was quite easy because there were labels on top of the seat. Some of the seats were arranged facing the direction that the train was heading while some other seats were arranged on the opposite direction.

In my experience, the seat was comfortable and spacious and the trip was a pleasant experience. Because I was travelling at night, my seat was changed into bed and most of the passengers were sleeping during that period of time.

SRT Train from Surat Thani to Padang Besar
Upper bed in SRT train
SRT sleeper train
SRT Train 2nd Class Air Conditioned Sleeper

Arrival in Padang Besar

Finally, after around 6 hours of travelling, the train arrived in Padang Besar Train Station at 8.47AM. Nonetheless, the trip was a comfortable experience for me and I had a good sleep while on the journey.

Extra tips: Since the train from Surat Thani to Padang Besar is a long-distance trip, passengers are advised to bring your jacket, scarves or sweater on board to prevent getting cold due to the cold temperature inside the train.

Train platform at Padang Besar train station
Padang Besar Train Station

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