Trang Bus Terminal

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Trang Bus Terminal
Trang Bus Terminal

Location: Amphoe Muaeng, Trang


Trang is a province in southern Thailand on the coast of the Andaman Sea. The mainland coast is a stretch of rugged limestone cliffs, mangrove-lined beaches and remote caves. Trang is still a hidden gem among foreign travelers. Its serene beaches, sparkling blue sea and enchanting underwater world hold a lot of surprises, including extremely rare dugongs and underwater weddings.

Trang is another province rich with famous local food even receiving the nickname “The Land of Food” such as Mu yang, also known as Mu han, which is a barbecue roasted piglet with crispy skin and Trang cake, also known as Kook Ming cake. These cakes were cooked by an authentic process by baking in the charcoal oven and have no frosting with several flavors like orange, coffee, pandan, three-flavored etc.

Where is Trang Bus Terminal located?

The location of Trang Bus Terminal is Thap Thiang, Mueang Trang District, Trang 92000, Thailand. See in Google Map »

Popular Bus Routes in Trang Bus Terminal

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Below are some of the popular Trang Bus Terminal bus routes available for online booking:

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How to Go to Trang Bus Terminal?

Trang Bus Terminal is located 3.6 km by road from Trang Railway Station in the centre of Trang town. Motorbike taxis and the famous local ‘frog’ style tuk tuks are available at Trang Bus Terminal. The normal rate for a motorbike taxi from Trang Bus Terminal to Trang town is 20 THB and 40 THB for a tuk tuk.

Across from the main bus terminal in an adjacent lot is small minivan station with minivan services operating during the high season to Pak Meng, Had Yao, Koh Ngai, Koh Libong, Koh Mook and Koh Kradan.

Trang Bus Terminal

Thap Thiang, Mueang Trang District, Trang 92000, Thailand

Phone: –

Amenities at Trang Bus Terminal

Trang Bus Terminal has a small range of amenities. There is a much wider range of shops and restaurants in Trang town itself and it’s worth trying to buy anything you might need for your journey before you arrive at the bus station. The toilets at Trang Bus Terminal are located at the other end of the station to the main entrance and cost 3 THB charge for using the toilets. There are some small food stalls selling snacks and drinks located next to the toilets.

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How to buy a bus ticket from or to Trang Bus Terminal?

You can buy Trang Bus Terminal bus ticket from the ticket counter at the bus terminal. The easier way is to book Trang Bus Terminal online ticket at

Do I need to register to book a Trang Bus Terminal?

No. But you are encouraged to register so you can earn loyalty points and redeem discounts for future booking. Members also get to enjoy the benefits of BOT GoFlexi and many other exclusive discounts.

Which bus company is available for online booking?

We have up to 200 operators available for booking. You can check the full list of bus operators on our website. Popular buses in Trang Bus Terminal include Transport Co Ltd (999), Sri Suthep Tour, Sap Phaisan Tour and many more.

Which bus route is available for online booking?

We have more than 5,000 routes available for bus booking including bus between Thailand and Malaysia and bus between Thailand and Cambodia. You can book Trang Bus Terminal bus tickets to get to Bangkok, Trang and many more on our website. Check trip availability online now!

Do I need to print anything to board the bus if I booked the ticket online?

You can show the Booking Confirmation that we sent to your email to board the bus. Booking confirmation are mostly instant, if you have not receive your booking confirmation within 30 minutes, you can reach out to our customer service and contact us.

Are the ticket prices offered on same as the counter?

Most of the ticket prices available on our website are the same as the counter. However, we do charge a minimum amount of processing fee, although in most cases, processing fee is waived depending on the operator you choose.