Bus from Bangkok to Phuket

Bus from Bangkok to Phuket
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Bus from Bangkok to Phuket is one of the favourite bus routes especially for tourists. Many tourists especially backpackers prefer to take bus from Bangkok to Phuket because they get to enjoy sightseeing in Thailand countryside. Besides that, taking bus from Bangkok to Phuket is much cheaper than taking flight, which usually cost in the range of 1,500 to 2,000 Baht (about USD 50-66) unless you are able to buy few months in advance during promotion.

Duration, Fare, Schedule

Duration for bus from Bangkok to Phuket takes about 12 hours for overnight bus and early morning bus. The route distance is about 850km. The trick for taking bus from Bangkok to Phuket is by taking the overnight bus, so that you do not waste your time of doing nothing in the bus during daytime. The bus will have a few stops for food and toilet.

Bus fare for bus from Bangkok to Phuket is in the range of 700 baht to 1100 baht (USD20-36), depending on bus types. In general guideline, higher the ticket fare, better and more spacious is the seat in the bus.

Bus service from Bangkok to Phuket has limited schedules daily. Most of the departures are in the evening time between 4:30pm until 8:30pm. In another word most buses are overnight bus, which arrive Phuket bus station in next morning. Because of limited schedules daily, advance booking is recommended. During the peak season, advance online booking is essential although it is sometimes possible to just turn up over the counter to purchase a ticket. Phuket Travel and Bus Express are the few bus operators providing the bus from Bangkok to Phuket.

Note for Departure Point and Arrival Point

For bus from Bangkok to Phuket, there are actually two departure points in Bangkok, namely Southern Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal and Northern Morchit Bus Terminal.

Most coaches depart from Southern Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal Bangkok to Phuket, and with limited coaches depart from Northern Morchit Bus Terminal Bangkok to Phuket. Therefore it is always easier to get bus ticket in Southern Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal Bangkok than Northern Morchit Bus Terminal because of more departure times and more bus choices.

All coaches from Bangkok to Phuket terminate at Phuket bus terminal. Please note that Phuket bus terminal is still some distance away from famous Patong Beach. Taxi service is available in Phuket Bus Terminal to go Patong Beach at around 450 baht (USD15)

Booking your bus from Bangkok to Phuket online in advance at BusOnlineTicket.co.th is always better to avoid disappointment, especially during weekend and peak season. It is also the most convenient way to get your ticket because online booking saves you from the hassle to travel to terminal for ticket and helps to avoid the queue at terminal. Instant confirmation online booking gives you peace of mind that you have your transport in place before you travel.

Bangkok to Phuket Bus Schedule

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