Lampang to Bangkok Train Tickets

Please ensure that you bring along your ID to travel. Passengers who fail to present ID would be denied from boarding.

Estimated Trip Duration is 12.6 hour(s)
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Train from Lampang to Bangkok

Lampang to Bangkok Train

Train from Lampang to Bangkok is part of the Northern Line train service offered by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT). The train departs from Chiang Mai and picks up passengers from Lampang before heading to Bangkok. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Therefore, many locals from Lampang would travel to Bangkok for many purposes such as working and studying. Therefore, Lampang to Bangkok train is one of the popular train routes in Thailand.

SRT Train Timetable and Train Ticket Price

There are many scheduled trips for train from Lampang to Bangkok daily. The train ticket price depends on the train type and ticket type that you choose. There are also different drop off points in Bangkok. The ticket price slightly varies based on the drop off points. Below is the SRT train timetable for trains that are available for online booking at Please select your drop off point:

Arrival in Don Mueang

TimeTrain NoTrain TypeTicket TypePrice (THB)
Est. Arrival : 20:12
102Rapid2nd Class Fan Seat376
3rd Class Fan Seat242
Est. Arrival : 18:38
8Special Express2nd Class AC Seat626
Est. Arrival : 4:29
52Express2nd Class AC Sleeper786
2nd Class AC Sleeper806
2nd Class Fan Sleeper566
2nd Class Fan Seat416
3rd Class Fan Seat282
Est. Arrival : 5:16
14Special Express1st Class AC Sleeper1,383
2nd Class AC Sleeper826
Est. Arrival : 5:56
10Special Express1st Class AC Sleeper1,583
2nd Class AC Sleeper1,026

Arrival in Sam Sen

TimeTrain NoTrain TypeTicket TypePrice (THB)
Est. Arrival : 20:48
102Rapid2nd Class Fan Seat383
3rd Class Fan Seat245
Est. Arrival : 19:13
8Special Express2nd Class AC Seat633
Est. Arrival : 5:07
52Express2nd Class AC Sleeper793
2nd Class AC Sleeper813
2nd Class Fan Sleeper573
2nd Class Fan Seat423
3rd Class Fan Seat285
Est. Arrival : 5:56
14Special Express1st Class AC Sleeper1,398
2nd Class AC Sleeper833
Est. Arrival : 6:35
10Special Express1st Class AC Sleeper1,598
2nd Class AC Sleeper1,033

Arrival in Hua Lamphong

TimeTrain NoTrain TypeTicket TypePrice (THB)
Est. Arrival : 21:10
102Rapid2nd Class Fan Seat384
3rd Class Fan Seat246
Est. Arrival : 19:25
8Special Express2nd Class AC Seat634
Est. Arrival : 5:25
52Express2nd Class AC Sleeper794
2nd Class AC Sleeper814
2nd Class Fan Sleeper574
2nd Class Fan Seat424
3rd Class Fan Seat286
Est. Arrival : 6:15
14Special Express1st Class AC Sleeper1,402
2nd Class AC Sleeper834
Est. Arrival : 6:50
10Special Express1st Class AC Sleeper1,602
2nd Class AC Sleeper1,034
* Time and fares might change depending on the season, subject to the operator ** AC = Air Conditioned

Trip Distance & Duration

Lampang is located quite far to the north from Bangkok and closer to Chiang Mai. The trip distance between Lampang to Bangkok by train is around 642 km. The trip duration depends on the type of train and the drop off point in Bangkok. It takes around 8 to 12 hours to go Lampang to Bangkok by train. Generally, Special Express train takes shorter time, followed by Express train and Rapid train. Train from Lampang to Bangkok arrives in Don Mueang Station first before dropping off passengers at Sam Sen Station and terminates at Hua Lamphong Station.

Pick Up Point – Lampang Railway Station

Lampang Railway Station was built in 1915. The railway station itself is part of the historical buildings one can find in Lampang. The architecture of the railway station has the influence of the Northern Thailand style mixed with European style. The beauty of the railway station has been preserved until today. There are two floors in the railway station. The top floor is where the office of the Lampang District Traffic Department located. You can find the SRT office and the train ticket counter at the ground floor. There is spacious waiting area at the boarding platform for the passengers as well. Lampang Railway Station is in the middle of the town. From the town, you can go to Lampang Railway Station by the famous horse-carriage or by songthaew.

Drop Off Points – Bangkok Railway Stations

There are many railway stations in Bangkok. If you book SRT train tickets online at, you can choose whether to drop off at Don Mueang Station, Sam Sen Station or Hua Lamphong Station. If you are planning to take flight in Don Mueang Airport, you can drop off at Don Mueang Railway Station. The airport is just next to the railway station. Sam Sen Railway Station is located within 10 minutes taxi ride to Ari BTS Station or Sanam Pao BTS Station. From there, take BTS Skytrain to Phaya Thai BTS Station to connect to the Airport Rail Link to go to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Meanwhile, Hua Lamphong Railway Station is connected to the Hua Lamphong MRT Station. An underground pathway links the two stations so passengers only need to walk to get to the MRT station. For more details, please visit our guide for Hua Lamphong Railway Station.


Toilets are available for passengers on board since the train journey can takes quite some time to reach its destination. In addition, Special Express trains usually have a dining coach attached so passengers can order food from the staffs or go to the dining coach to eat. The price for breakfast is around 100 THB and dinner around 200 THB. There are also vendors that sell food and meals during the stops at other train stations so you do not have to worry about the food supply. Alternatively, you can buy food before your departure and bring them on the train. For those who bought sleeper train ticket, the staffs will help you to convert the seats into beds at night. They will also provide each passenger with a new clean pillow and blankets.

Book SRT Tickets for Lampang to Bangkok Train Online

You can book your SRT train tickets online at Thailand train schedules and ticket prices are available on our website. Booking your SRT train tickets in advance online is convenient and you get to save the cost and time to go to the train station. Booking confirmation will be sent to your email upon a successful payment.