Bangkok to Sisaket Train Tickets

Estimated Trip Duration is 7.6 hour(s)
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Bangkok to Sisaket Train Guide

Train from Bangkok to Sisaket

Train from Bangkok to Sisaket is a popular train route as Sisaket is also known as the gateway to the world famous Preah Vihear ruins which is a cliff-top sanctuary located just across the border in Cambodia. Sisaket Railway Station is the main station in Sisaket. Train from Bangkok to Sisaket is the most preferred option as the fare is affordable.

Bangkok to Sisaket train is high requested as Sisaket have various attractions including historical monuments, beautiful nature, entertainment and adventurous activities to do. You can enjoy the fruits besides tasting local delicacies in the other available restaurants in Sisaket.

Train Schedule, Train Ticket Type and Train Ticket Price

There are many departures for Bangkok to Sisaket train route. The departures start early in the morning, 5.45 am until night at 10.45 pm daily. There are many types of train and different class of coach for the departures. The ticket price depends on the train type and the departure times.

Below is the Bangkok to Sisaket train schedule that are available for online booking at

Time Train No Train Type Ticket Type Price (THB)
Est. Arrival: 13:18
21 Special Express 2nd Class AC Seat 591
Est. Arrival: 17:00
135 Rapid 2nd Class Fan Seat 341
3rd Class Fan Seat 227
Est. Arrival: 18:40
71 Express 2nd Class AC Seat 491
3rd Class Fan Seat 267
Est. Arrival: 2:19
145 Rapid 2nd Class Fan Seat 341
3rd Class Fan Seat 227
Est. Arrival: 5:07
139 Rapid 2nd Class AC Sleeper 641
2nd Class Fan Seat 341
3rd Class Fan Seat 227
Est. Arrival: 5:38
23 Special Express 1st Class AC Sleeper 1,506
2nd Class AC Sleeper 991
Est. Arrival: 6:41
67 Express 1st Class AC Sleeper 1,266
2nd Class AC Sleeper 751
3rd Class Fan Seat 267
Est. Arrival: 9:06
141 Rapid 2nd Class Fan Seat 341
3rd Class Fan Seat 227
* Time and fares might change depending on the season, subject to the operator
** AC = Air Conditioned

Trip Distance & Duration

The distance between Bangkok and Sisaket are approximately 544 km. The trip duration for Bangkok to Sisaket train depends on the type of train you choose. The estimated trip duration for the train from Bangkok to Sisaket is from 7.6 until 10 hours.

Departure Point – Hua Lamphong Station

The departure point from Bangkok is Hua Lamphong Station. Hua Lamphong Station is the unofficial name for Bangkok Railway Station. This is the main railway station in Bangkok, Thailand. Hua Lamphong Station is operated by the State Railway of Thailand and it is the focal point for the locals and visitors who are taking the train services in Thailand.

Hua Lamphong Station is a huge and busy train station located in the middle of the city in Pathum Wan District. You can go to Hua Lamphong Station by taking public transportation such as MRT Subway System, taxi, motorbike taxi or tuk-tuk.

Arrival Point – Sisaket Railway Station

The trip for Bangkok to Sisaket train will terminate at Sisaket Railway Station. This is the small train station in the small town of Sisaket. It lies on the route of the northeastern train line that begins from Bangkok. Sisaket Railway Station has complete facilities such as waiting area, toilets and ticket counter.

Sisaket Railway Station is located in Mueang Nuea Subdistrict, in Sisaket City. There are several trains passing through the station every day. Therefore, you can find public transport such as samlors, Sisaket taxi, motorbike taxi and buses to continue your journey.


There are many amenities for Bangkok to Sisaket train. Bangkok to Sisaket sleeper train provides the pillows and blankets for the passengers on board. They can sleep well and have a comfortable night until they reach Sisaket in the morning. The staffs will help the passengers to change the seats into beds.

There are more amenities that passengers can use in all the different type of Bangkok to Sisaket train. Passengers can buy food and drinks at the canteen coach. The toilet and seat are clean to ensure passengers comfort on board.


However, even if there are a lot of trains for the trip from Bangkok to Sisaket, you are advised to book your train ticket online in advance from our official website, You can choose your preferred train type and departure time as the ticket price is also different. To save your cost and time, booking your ticket online is the preferred option for your trip planning. You can enjoy your trip with various and easy payment methods in