Bangkok to Koh Phangan Bus Tickets

Estimated trip duration is 14 hours.
Bus from Bangkok to Koh Phangan will stop in Chumphon Pier and you will transfer to ferry in Chumphon Pier to Thong Sala Pier in Koh Phangan.

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Bangkok to Koh Phangan Bus Guide

Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Travelling from Bangkok to Koh Phangan has a numbers of options. Flight is of course the fastest option but it is not direct flight. Travelers have to land at Koh Samui airport before transferring to ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan. With the trouble of ferry transfer from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan, direct combo bus and ferry service is more convenient and more importantly the combo bus and ferry service is cheaper than flight option.

Bangkok to Koh Phangan Journey by Lomprayah

Lomprayah provides combo bus and ferry service from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. Lomprayah bus which serves the first portion of the journey from Bangkok to Chumphon Pier is modern with fine leg room, spacious and reclining seat. The bus journey usually takes about 8 hours to arrive Chumphon Pier.

At Chumphon Pier, passengers are required to check in again at Lomprayah office at Chumphon Pier with the same original ticket prior to ferry boarding. Usually there are some spare time in between the bus arrival time and ferry departure time at Chumphon Pier. Passengers could have a rest, take some coffee or enjoy the sunrise the pier while waiting for ferry departure.

It usually takes approximately another 3.5 hours to arrive at Thong Sala Pier Koh Phangan.

Fare, Schedule and Note

The fare for Lomprayah combo service of bus and ferry from Bangkok to Koh Koh Phangan is 1300 Baht for their morning 0900 schedule and is 1350 Baht for their evening 2100 schedule.

Lomprayah ferry is the high speed Catamaran ferry. Lomprayah is the first and only high speed Catamaran passengers ferry operation in Thailand. They are the fastest ferry service in the Gulf of Thailand.

Basically, as long as you have an Internet access, you can book for bus ticket online with instant confirmation at from any corner. Online booking guarantees that you save both your time and your money.