Koh Chang to Bangkok with Travel Mart Bus

After we spent several days vacationing in Koh Chang, Koh Chang ended up being a pleasant surprise for us. However, spending days in an island could hardly satisfy our spirit of adventures. Therefore, we decided to travel to Bangkok, a fascinating city full of contrasts.

Here is the summary of our journey:

i. Book ferry and minivan ticket online with BusOnlineTicket.co.th
ii. Hotel pick-up
iii. Board the ferry
iv. Arrival in Centrepoint Pier (Trat)
v. Board the minivan
vi. Lunch and washroom break at rest stops
vii. Arrival in Bangkok

1. Book ferry and minivan ticket online with BusOnlineTicket.co.th

We booked our ferry + minivan combo tickets from Koh Chang to Bangkok with Travel Mart via BusOnlineTicket.co.th. We went to Travel Mart’s office to exchange for our tickets and booked a hotel pick-up service from Travel Mart in advance before our trip.

Ferry and minivan tickets

2. Hotel pick-up

On the departure day, we waited for Travel Mart’s hotel pick-up minivan at our hotel. The minivan reached on time. It was raining heavily, therefore, the staff held up the umbrella for us to prevent us from getting wet while we walked from the hotel to the minivan. They were so thoughtful and nice.

Minivan hotel pick-up
Inside minivan

3. Board the ferry

Due to heavy rain, it took us longer time, about 30 minutes, to reach Koh Chang ferry jetty. The minivan dropped us off at a shelter nearby the ferry jetty. After waiting for about 10 minutes, we walked to the jetty and boarded the ferry. There were sufficient life jackets in the ferry for emergency case.

Koh Chang ferry jetty
Life jackets available in the ferry

Tips: You are advised to prepare a raincoat or umbrella with you during rainy season in Koh Chang. A raincoat and umbrella will prevent you from getting wet at any time.

Luckily, we have prepared raincoats for ourselves, so we were able to walk through the rain and sat on the seats in the ferry, which were wet, without worrying about getting wet.

Advantage to have a raincoat

4. Arrival in Centrepoint Pier (Trat)

After travelling on sea for 45 minutes, we arrived at Centrepoint Pier in Trat. We got off the ferry after the vehicles and motorbikes drove off from the ferry.

Vehicle and motorbike drive off ferry
Centrepoint Pier

At the Centrepoint Pier, the shuttle bus was ready to pick-up the passengers to the ferry terminal. The journey from Centrepoint Pier to ferry terminal took us about 5 minutes.

Shuttle bus

5. Transfer to minivan

After we reached the ferry terminal from Centrepoint Pier, we checked in our minivan ticket at the counter. The staff over there gave us a sticker-kind of ticket after check-in. The whole process took us about 10 minutes before the departure to Bangkok.


6. Lunch and washroom break at rest stops

After travelling for 1 hour, the minivan stopped at Ar-ar, Chanthaburi for a 20-minutes washroom break.

Rest stop at Ar-ar
Fruits at Chanthaburi stops

After travelling for another 2 hours, the minivan stopped at Amphoe Ban Bueng, Chonburi for a 45-minutes lunch break.

Rest stop at Amphoe Ban Bueng
Toilet at rest stop

7. Arrival in Bangkok

We finally reached Travel Mart’s office in Bangkok, which was nearby Khao San Road Night Market. Our journey from Koh Chang to Bangkok took about 8.5 hours. It was a long journey but we didn’t feel tired at all because we enjoyed all the beautiful sights along the way to Bangkok from Koh Chang.

Travel Mart's office

We went to many places in Bangkok such as Khao San Road Night Market, Central World, Big C Supercentre, San Phra Phrom (Erawan Shrine), Pratunam Night Market and many more.

Khao San Road Night Market

Khao San Road Night Market is a wonderful place for shopping and nightlife.

Khao San Road
Khao San Night Market

Central World and Big C Supercentre

Central World and Big C Supercentre are located opposite of each other.

Cental World
Big C Supercentre

Pratunam Night Market

We enjoyed the food and drinks at Pratunam Night Market.

Thai tea ice cream and fruit juice
Mango sticky rice
Durian sticky rice

San Phra Phrom (Erawan Shrine)

This famous shrine also known as “Four-faced Buddha” attracts more visitors than many of the city’s temples.

Four Faced Buddha
Four Faced Buddha

The travel from Koh Chang to Bangkok was fine with Travel Mart. The staffs took care of the passengers well from the beginning of the journey until the end when we reached Bangkok. Overall, taking the ferry and bus from Koh Chang to Bangkok with Travel Mart was a good experience for us. Book your ferry + bus tickets online at BusOnlineTicket.co.th in advance to reserve your tickets today!

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