Sawadee Esan offers bus from Bangkok to Khon Kaen
Sawadee Esan is a bus operator company that is based at Mo Chit Bus Terminal in Bangkok, located at Khwaeng Chatuchak. Sawadee Esan has a reputation of providing comfortable buses for its passengers and delivering a fast transportation service to get the passengers to their destination. Apart from that, the buses are mostly air-conditioned and have the variations of being a double-decker bus or a single-tier bus. Because that every bus used by Sawadee Esan is compliant to the safety regulations of the country, Sawadee Esan ensure the safe arrival of its passengers for each trip that they make.

Currently, Sawadee Esan provides the route for:

  • Bueng Kan <-> Bangkok
  • Bangkok <-> Khon Kaen

The pick-up point for the bus from Bueng Kan to Bangkok is the Bueng Kan Bus Terminal and drops off at the Mo Chit Bus Terminal. As for the bus that goes between Bangkok and Khon Kaen, the departure and arrival points are the Mo Chit Bus Terminal and the Khon Kaen Bus Terminal.

The bus will depart from the Bueng Kan Bus Terminal at a number of scheduled trips daily. However, there is currently only one departure time for the bus from Bangkok to Khon Kaen. Although some of these timings have the tendency to change, here is timing from the latest Sawadee Esan bus schedule from Bueng Kan to Bangkok:

6:45 am, 6:15 am, 7:45 pm, 8:55 pm, 9 pm

As for the timing for the bus from Bangkok to Khon Kaen, the bus will depart at 9:15pm daily, while the bus from Khon Kaen to Bangkok departs at 7:15pm daily.

Serving as an additional convenience to the passengers, the Mo Chit Bus Terminal has a lot to offer for any visitors that passes by there. The terminal is located near the Chatuchak Weekend Market and Or Tor Kor Market, so visitors can do some shopping after arriving. In terms of transport connectivity, the Mo Chit Bus Terminal connects to the Chatuchak MRT Station and the New Mo Chit bus station. Also, the terminal is a BTS skytrain station, enabling access to the Sukhumvit Line.

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