Phi Phi Island Guide

Introducing Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island, or Koh Phi Phi –an island that belongs to Krabi Province, is one of the top popular islands in Thailand. Demographically, the island is located in the west coast of Thailand.

Best time to visit the islands and the beaches on the west coast of Thailand is from November to April because the monsoon season starts from May to October.

How to Go to Phi Phi Island?

Ferry going to Phi Phi Island

You can go to Phi Phi Island usually via Krabi or Phuket, or from other neighboring islands such as Koh Lanta by ferry. Here we include the summary of the journey for some of the popular route used to go to Phi Phi Island:

From Bangkok to Krabi and from Krabi to Phi Phi Island

  • Distance from Bangkok to Krabi is around 800km.
  • Travel options are by flight, train or bus.

By flight – There is no airport in Phi Phi Island, hence you have to take flight from Bangkok to Krabi International Airport. You can also directly fly to Krabi International Airport from your country if you wish to go to Krabi without visiting Bangkok, provided that the airline offers the trip.

Ferries from Krabi to Phi Phi Island usually depart from Klong Jirad Pier located around 30 minutes driving distance from the airport. Most convenient way to go to the pier is by taking taxi. Make sure to take a metered taxi to the pier. Once you reach the pier, just buy the ferry tickets to Phi Phi Island and the ferry will drop you off in Ton Sai Pier.

By train – There is no train station in Krabi. If you plan to take the train from Bangkok, stop in Surat Thani train station and take the bus to Krabi Klong Jirad Pier. Then, buy the ferry tickets from Krabi to Phi Phi Island. Alternatively, you can book Bus + Ferry tickets from Surat Thani Train Station to Phi Phi Island so you do not have to worry about transferring and searching for another transport.

By bus – Take bus from Bangkok to Krabi which departs from the Southern Bus Terminal Sai Tai Mai. From Krabi Bus Terminal, take songthaews if you are on budget, or take the taxi to go to the pier. Buy ferry tickets to Phi Phi Island at the ticket counter in Klong Jirad Pier and off you go to an adventure to Phi Phi Island.

From Bangkok to Phuket and from Phuket to Phi Phi Island

  • Distance from Bangkok to Phuket is around 850km.
  • Travel options are by flight, train or bus

By flight – You can fly from Bangkok to Phuket International Airport, and then take a bus to Rassada Pier where the ferry will depart from Phuket to Phi Phi Island. The distance from Phuket International Airport to Rassada Pier is quite far so, expect a high price if you take taxi.

By train – Train do not reach Phuket. Nearest train station is in Surat Thani. So take train from Bangkok to Surat Thani. From Surat Thani Train Station, take bus to the pier in Phuket and buy ferry tickets to Phi Phi Island at Rassada Pier. Alternatively, you can book a joint Bus + Ferry tickets from Surat Thani Train Station to Phi Phi Island to make the journey easier.

By bus – Take bus from Bangkok to Phuket, long distance bus will stop in Phuket Bus Terminal 2. The bus terminal is located around 15-20 minutes driving distance from Rassada Pier. In Rassada Pier, buy the ferry ticket from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi or you can book online and change the E-Ticket at the counter later.

Ton Sai Pier, Phi Phi Island

Tonsai Pier in Phi Phi Island

Ferry drop-off point in Phi Phi Island is in Ton Sai Pier, located in the middle of the island. Upon stepping your feet on the pier, do not be surprise if you are asked to pay 20 Baht to enter the island. The money is said to be spent on preserving and keeping the island clean.

As one of the top attractions in Thailand, you will also see many speedboat and long-tail boat lining up along the beach.

To See & To Do in Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island Map

Snorkeling and Diving

Going to such beautiful island, top activity is surely to go snorkeling and diving! Some of the suggested place to do snorkeling and diving are Wang Long Bay and Maya Bay.

Climb to the Famous Phi Phi Viewpoint

See the stunning view from the Phi Phi Viewpoint, where you can see the sandy beaches of Ton Sai Beach and Loh Dalum Bay connect the two higher regions of the island.

We suggest you to take the pathway that began from the town because the pathway from the town going up to the viewpoint is easier, safer and shorter.

For best experience, go before the sunset or wait for the sunrise to see the shades of golden rays shining upon the island and coloring up the sky.

Party All Night

If you like to liven up your night at Phi Phi Island, join the party at Loh Dalum Bay where music plays until late at night. As you walk along the beach, you will get to see fire dancers giving astonishing performance to entertain the crowds. They also sell alcoholic drinks on the beach. However, if you are not into such loud scene, consider to book your hotel away from Loh Dalum Bay.


Rent a small boat and paddle away to explore the beauty that is Phi Phi Island. Go to less crowded beaches where the water is crystal blue and enjoy the sea breeze riding the waves. Some of the places you can go to for Kayak is Rantee Bay and Wang Long Bay. Take a kayak tour with a guide for safety measures.

Koh Phi Phi Leh

Phi Phi Leh

Phi Phi Leh is smaller island located south of Phi Phi Don, the main island of Phi Phi Island. Phi Phi Leh owns it popularity to Maya Bay, which was the shooting location of a famous movie called ‘The Beach’. Maya Bay has its own special charm. The sandy beach of Maya Bay is surrounded by tall mountains, creating a sense of a secret haven in the middle of the sea.

Although, as Maya Bay gained interest of the people, the island is now crowded with tourists from many parts of the world. So, it might not be as relaxing as you wish it would be. Still, Maya Bay worth the visit!

Phi Phi Island Hotels

Finding where to stay in Phi Phi Island is not a problem. There are plenty of choices from budget to luxurious, from crowded area to peaceful and secluded area, Phi Phi Island have it all! Here are some of the recommended hotels in Phi Phi Island.

Harmony House

Location: Loh Dalum Bay, Koh Phi Phi, 10 minutes walking distance from the beach
Best for: Budget backpacker and those who want to join the night party at Loh Dalum Bay

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort

Location: Loh Bao Kao Bay, Koh Phi Phi
Best for: Luxurious and relaxing vacation
Facilities & Services: Pools, Spa, Phi Phi Island Dive Village, Wedding Package, Recreation Centre
Note: The hotel offers transfer service for their customers with a certain amount of charges, including a shared long-tail boat from the main pier at Ton Sai Beach to the Loh Bao Kao Bay.

Phi Phi The Beach Resort

Location: Long Beach
Best for: Relaxing vacation
Facilities & Services: Pools, Thai Traditional Massage, Sightseeing and Tour Management
Note: The hotel offers transfer service for their customers with a certain amount of charges, including a shared long-tail boat from the main pier at Ton Sai Beach to the Long Beach.

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Recommended Places to Eat in Phi Phi Island

You will find many cafes and restaurants in Phi Phi Island, selling local and western food. Here we recommend two popular places that receive good reviews from the visitors.

Anna’s Restaurant

Anna's Restaurant Signboard

Anna's Restaurant Phi Phi Island

Located nearby Tonsai Pier, Anna’s Restaurant serves western and Thai food. On top of the delicious food that they sell, they also provide a good quality service with well-trained staffs to ensure their customers have a good time at the restaurant.

As the foods are said to be ‘super delicious’, they receives good reviews and recommendations from their customers. The delicacies are selling at affordable prices and they come in big portion too. Visit Anna’s Restaurant for a good meal. Highly recommended!

The Mango Garden

The Mango Garden Phi Phi Island

The Mango Garden Phi Phi Island Interior View

The Mango Garden is also located in Tonsai Village, nearby the Tonsai Pier. They serve casual breakfast menu all day and their Best Seller is the famous ‘Mango Hill’, a combination of fresh mango fruits, ice cream and sticky rice.

Apart from mango, they also have smoothies from other fruits such as strawberry, watermelon and banana. Breakfast meals are also available such as scrambled eggs, waffles and toast. Drop by before you take boat in Tonsai Pier to head home!