Chumphon Bus Terminal
Inside Chumphon Bus Terminal


Chumphon Bus Terminal is in the province of Chang Wat Chumphon, Thailand. It is located in Mueang Mai, or New City along the Phetkasem Road, Tambon Khun Krathing, Amphoe Mueang. Chumphon Bus Terminal is always crowded with the visitors because it is a gateway to go to the islands such as Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui.

Chumphon Province is located in the Southern Thailand. The natural beauty in Chumphon invites many tourists to visit Chumphon. Tourists are attracted to spent their holidays at Chumphon as there are numerous National Parks and tropical islands. Chumphon have caves, waterfalls and coral reefs. Therefore, tourist can do so many exciting activities there.


The location of Chumphon Bus Terminal is in the Amphoe Mueang district that is located in Chang Wat Chumphon province, Thailand. When you reached the bus terminal, you will see the prominent yellow sign at the entrance of Chumphon Bus Terminal along the Phetkasem Road. The Chumphon Bus Terminal address is:


For transportation service in Chumphon Bus Terminal, is a popular online ticketing portal that is very secured and user friendly. provides ticket for bus route from Chumphon to Bangkok and Bangkok to Chumphon. Both trips use the same bus operator which is Sunwannatee Tour. For trip from Chumphon to Bangkok, they provide many departures from 7.50 am to 10 pm. While, for trip from Bangkok to Chumphon, they provide departures from 9 am to 10 pm.

The schedules for both trips start at early 7.50 am and the last departure will depart at 10 pm. The bus fare for trip from Chumphon to Bangkok is THB 328 to THB 608 while Bangkok to Chumphon trip bus fare is THB 328. The bus fare depends on the selected departure time. Duration required for both trips takes about 6.5 until 7.0 hours. You can check the schedule, bus fare and bus operator from Chumphon to Bangkok and Bangkok to Chumphon through our official website,

Besides that, you can find the taxi and public bus in Chumphon Bus Terminal, which can bring you to the next destination.


Local people in Chumphon can go to Chumphon Bus Terminal by using songthaew. There are two colours of songtheaw that bring locals to go to Chumphon Bus Terminal which are white and red. Songtheaw is the large truck you can find around Chumphon and different truck colour follows different route. People can also find the motorbike taxi, taxi and local public bus which can be found around the city.


In Chumphon Bus Terminal, there are many facilities for the convenience of the passengers. There is a line of ticket counters which is easy for passengers to choose the bus company. The passengers also can buy drinks and food in a minimart at Chumphon Bus Terminal. Restrooms are provided next to the minimart in Chumphon Bus Terminal. The toilet facilities will be charged for 3 baht. Passengers can sit at the spacious seat and waiting area. It is so comfortable and clean at Chumphon Bus Terminal.

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