Pai to Chiang Mai Bus Tickets

Going from Pai to Chiang Mai takes around 4 hours by bus or minivan.

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Pai to Chiang Mai Bus Guide

Bus from Pai to Chiang Mai

Bus from Pai to Chiang Mai is one of the famous tourist routes in the North. Most of tourists prefer visiting Chiang Mai in winter, because the weather is chilled, and there are a lot of natural attractions, such as forests, rice terraces and the national parks.

Both tourists and locals from Pai take the bus service to travel and spend time on leisure weekend.

Operators Provide Bus from Pai to Chiang Mai

Prempracha is the only bus operators serving bus from Pai to Chiang Mai.

For bus schedule, Prempracha provides hourly departures, from 7:00 am. to 5:00 pm.

Duration, Fare, and Notes

The duration from Pai to Chiang Mai is about 3 hours. The route distance is about 147 kilometres.

The bus ticket price from Pai to Chiang Mai is charged around THB 150. Bus will pick up the passengers at Nawa Khotchasan Road, Mae Hong Son, and drop off at Chiang Mai Bus Terminal (Arcade).

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